previous work
in no particular order


the /moosküken/ poetry performance

moosküken · eine Poesie Performance

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my first piece, a 15" mini-doc about a very musical /critical_mass/
in vienna and the wonderful cyclists i met there
5th /ICFF/ 2011 official selection

Re-Cycle Vienna - ICFF 05

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some nifty wood, a couple of fruit boxes, people from 6 countries and the minimalistic kitchen is ready - in no time at all. this was for /gea/ the driving force behind the legalization of crowdfunding in austria. created their /youtube-channel/ and about half the videos on there

Gast auf Erden

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 starring /johanna_dworak/ in a wonderful /location/ - somehow, after watching this i am always in the mood for tea and chocolate

Haas & Haas Vienna

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how charming susanne ball of /nice&unique/
brings the sea to the mountains

nice & unique schmuckgestaltung

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the great artist and photographer /julia_fuchs/
knitting a jumper for a caravan - not without a cause
- against cocooning and for networking with passersby
in the truest sense of the word

mein wunderbares wohnzimmer

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and if you ever wondered how to chop wood with a knife

49°n light your fire

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introducing bodypercussion coach andrea
for allerhand, a temporary knowledge transfer project


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newspiece about international women´s day
for intuit new media services


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short film about the specialty of a /community-operated pub/
warning: contains not only local and organic produce, but also meat. a lot

Making of: Bründl-Burger

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sales clip for a medieval castle in southern austria 
the call of the falcon has been heeded indeed

Geyersburg Castle in Friesach/Carinthia

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mini-series about an austrian cook discovering
the culinary world of south america
episode 2 here: /chef_gone_astray_2/

Ein Koch auf Abwegen - Uruguay (1)

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the /youmay/ furniture for the public space
winning the 2009 /dmy/ award


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how one french town chases the last remnants of winter
 out of their streets with lots of loud brass. note to self:
do not film a musical event with only one camera ever again

Un festival bandastique à Espalion

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mouthwatering images from the weekly market in a town that simply has no supermarket. i suppose they are not missing one either

Le marché d´Espalion - en une minute

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parody of a well-known tv series for /global2000/, promoting in this
case not rural romance but gmo free feed for happy cows

Bauer findet glueck

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musical outtake of the 15" mini-documentary /re-cycle vienna/
or what happens when a bunch of
join the vienna critical mass

Critical Mass feat. Fanfare Krapo

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h.d. thoreau´s pond has a twin near the former iron curtain
 in the wild bohemian woods of the european green belt

these days the fences are private and at least you can squeeze through


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you made it this far - whow, quite inquisitive and worthy of a blast from the past, when editing equipment still filled a room and advertising clips were sent by mail on vhs tapes. this was actually my real very first piece, long before catering for /kate_humble/ and her bbc team in /oulanka_ national_park/ - which sparked my interest in producing, working for adobe in amsterdam - which gave me insight into editing software and finally studying international development in vienna - which left me with the conclusion that the only way to improve the human plight on earth may well be to inform and educate.
that was the moment i decided to become a videojournalist and filmmaker

wolfbay 1998 remastered 2018

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